The CampingCar Portugal project was born from the personal initiative of a motorhome traveller in 2004 to have a website dedicated to motorhomes. Little by little, the team grew in size, and so did the website.

The transition from words to acts was fairly quick. The decisive step was taken on the 2005 Campisport fair, where the CampingCar Portugal project was announced.

We imagined the site as a friendly, simple, yet dynamic space for a lot of useful, clear and accessible information, which should also be regularly updated.

The site's sole purpose is the spreading and democratization of this type of touring, which is rapidly expanding throughout Europe. For this, we are looking for ideas and solutions to improve the parking conditions and needs of the technical stops associated with this activity in our country.

In early 2008 we adjusted the main objective of this project in order to pursue two main goals:

  1. to focus our efforts on the promotion of motorhomes as a form of touring;
  2. to spread out the word of the motorhome in a tourism perspective.

The amount of visitors to the site, the increasing number of participants on the Forum, as well as the success of the CampingCar Portugal meetings served as a constant encouragement to keep on pursuing our goals and confirming the success of our vision.

As always, we keep on relying on everyone's help to the continuous enrichment of this project.

Have a nice journey!

The CampingCar Portugal team